Setiap hari Senin adalah hari Quote (Quote Day) di IGGU. Akan dibuka 1 buah Thread oleh salah 1 Moderator (Manager) IGGU  dengan judul: GI [Quote] (Tanggal)
Member Mailing List (Grup) IGGU boleh & diharapkan untuk meng’quote kata² & kalimat² yang dapat memotivasi member lain. (Semua quote ada di dalam 1 buah Thread). Silahkan dishare juga sambil Check-In (apabila ingin) di kategori:

Quote… Unquote – URL Mobile [Click Here]
Quote… Unquote is a panel game broadcast on BBC Radio 4 based on quotations. Every episode since the beginning of the series in 1976 has been chaired by its deviser, Nigel Rees. Its 43rd and 44th series were broadcast in 2009. The main part of the programme consists of a quiz where the chairman asks each of the four panellists in turn to identify where a certain quotation, phrase or saying comes from. In between these rounds, the panellists are asked to share some of their favourite quotations on a specified theme, and bask in their own wit. Other parts of the programme are devoted to answering listeners’ queries about the sources of quotations and the origins of everyday phrases and idioms. The programme uses voice-over artists to read the quotations. In recent years the main reader has been Peter Jefferson, who took over from William Franklyn when he died in 2006. A number of notable comedy stars have produced the programme, including John Lloyd (Blackadder producer and deviser of QI), TV executive Geoffrey Perkins, Have I Got News for You producer Harry Thompson and satirist Armando Iannucci.
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